Editors: Amending Tables

The WordPress plugin TablePress makes the addition of tables to a page a breeze. Although you may miss the formatting options found in even old versions of Excel the tables produced are a lot easier to create with this plugin than with plain HTML, be they hand coded or Dreamweaver-ed.

To edit a table don’t open the page it’s displayed on. Instead, log in as an Editor, go to Site Admin and click on TablePress > All Tables. When the list of currently active tables loads, you should be able to to identify the required table from the files names (NB some pages have more than one table e.g. “This Season” has three) so be sure you’ve found the correct table before you open it.

To edit the content either copy and paste directly into the relevant cell or just click any where in the cell to enter data as you would any other table. It’s that easy. Please remember, if adding links to external pages, to tick┬áthe Open In New Tab check-box.

Important! When you’ve finished your work don’t forget to update the table by clicking the blue Save Changes button. There is one at the top of the edit window and another at the very bottom so you’ve nobody else to blame if you’re edits don’t take :).
NB…you may well get an AJAX error when saving a table. If so press Shift as you press the Save Changes button. This is not a fault.

All the styling and settings for the tables are prepared and applied when they are created by admin but if there is something you need to change please ask admin to do it. This plugin is great but the formatting is easily broken. So, if you aren’t sure of what a button or check box does…best not to touch. Thanks.