Archive Photo Project

Archive Photo Project – Then and Now

Last summer (2017) many club members re-photographed some of the images from the club’s archive. This summer we’ll have another go (with different archive pictures), with the aim of having enough of a collection to be able to show them in a book, exhibition or a-v if we want to.

Members are invited to select one of the photos below and to re-photograph the same subject. We will compare the original and new photos at the club next season. See sample images at foot of page.

Please ensure you are in a safe place when you take the new photo. Don’t stand in the middle of traffic just to reproduce the precise angle of the original!

Hover the mouse over the image to see its title. Where known, we’ve included a short description of the location.

If the original image is monochrome, it’s up to you whether to present your new version in colour or mono.

If you’d like to take part:

  1.  choose one or two photos which you’d like to re-photograph
  2.  right click with the mouse on the photo and select “Save image as…”. Save the image to your computer
  3.  print the image or transfer it to your mobile or tablet so that you can take it with you, if the photo relates to a location (as opposed to still life or portrait)
  4. try to replicate as many features of the original as possible in your new photo, e.g. figures, vehicles, angle of sunlight, but remember that the aim is to show what is typical in 2017/2018 (so there’s no need to hire a vintage car or ask people to dress in retro fashions, for example!)

When you’ve selected your image, please e-mail Rhodri to keep him informed

See below sample of original image and modern day take on the theme.

Modern image of lifeboat launch
The Modern Take: Llandudno lifeboat in 2017, by Dennis Oliver
Old image of lifeboat launch
Original Image: Llandudno lifeboat in the 1930s, by Stewart Owen