Competition Calendar & Themes for season 2019/20

08/10/2019PDIOpen Theme - Judge Andy Polakwoski - Deadline 25th Sept 19
15/10/2019PRINTOpen Theme - Judge Chris Kay - Deadline 1st Oct 19
12/11/2019PDI One - Judge Jill Bunting- Deadline 29th Oct 19
One main subject, although not necessarily the only thing in the frame.
Environmental Portraiture - Judge Phil Chadwick - Deadline 5th Nov 19
An environmental portrait is a portrait executed in the subject's
usual environment, such as in their home or workplace. Typically the
surroundings will give the viewer a clue to the subject's lifestyle or occupation .
Sport - Judge Gareth Jenkins - Deadline 7th Jan EXTENDED TILL 12th Jan
Sports photography refers to the genre of photography that covers
all types of sports. The action or drama can take place on or off the field.
Something Blue - Judge John Roberts - Deadline 14th Jan 20Not necessarily the main subject in the frame. Can be small or large
Product Photography - Judge Linda Bell - Deadline EXTENDED TILL 10 PM 16th Feb 20
Product photography is everywhere
we look and everywhere we go. From
magazines, brochures, on-line adverts and so
on. Your task is to depict a product/produce
of your choice in a accurate and attractive composition
Heritage - Judge John Smith - Deadline 18th Feb 20
Something belonging to the culture
of a particular society, such as traditions,
languages, artifacts or buildings, which come from
the past.
One-Off Competition
Lionel Bloodworth
Creative Challenge
In-House Judging
Low Light/Long Exposure - Judge Mike Blackburn - Deadline 17th Mar 20
Low light photography is not
necessarily just night photography. Indoors
photography without much ambient light is
also considered to be low-light. Long
exposures are a way around this problem.
Open Theme - Monochrome - Judge the Barbers - Deadline 24th Mar 20

Once again, this Year’s themes are meant to challenge you as a photographer by means of Storytelling (taking a prompt and turning it into a photo story), Compositional Eye (using rules of composition) and Inspiration (using a simple inspiration as creatively as you can).
Hope you take on this challenge as it is meant and have fun with it.
Ps. don’t forget to read the full brief of each theme.