Editors: Add a new POTM

Featured Photographer Of The Month – Workflow

  1. Open supplied docs folder, confirm sensible sizes (club comp sizes) and crop a copy of the selfie to 160px wide x 220px high (height isn’t critical as container for selfie has auto height adjust). Make sure selfie file name is photographer’s name.
  2. Create new page
    add text content
    title: name of photographer
    parent: potm
    template: left sidebar
    text baseline: add horizontal line via editor menu
    click publish button and then…
  3. Open media library and set to list view. Click Add New listview
    Import all images to media library. Open Media Library, group select and attach to newly created page.
  4. Open home page and click to select the existing selfie. Click the pencil icon to edit the image.
    Click replace button under the exiting image. In the replace image dialogue…
    • Select the previously cropped version of the selfie
    • The title will be set as the file name
    • Set caption to photographers name
    • Set Alt text and Description to Selfie of photographers name
    • Set display settings to: Alignment: Centre; Link To: None; Size: Full Size 160x ?
    • Click replace
    • Back in home page click photo then click insert/edit link from visual menu buttons link button
    • As above for recently featured text link (not members name). Set both to URL of new page.
    • Click Update

Create Slide Show

  1.  From main menu select Slideshows/Add New
  2. Under Add New Slideshow, enter photographers name as title.
  3. Changes to defaults:             Slideshow’s height set to 400  Set Activate pagination set to No
  4. Add images via Insert image slide button
  5. Back in settings page add descriptions (captions) as/if required.
  6. Copy short-code (found under Information at top of page) and click Publish.
  7. Re-open new photographers page and paste short-code immediately below horizontal line.
  8. Add another horizontal line under short code.
  9. Still in photographers page, place cursor at beginning of text to insert selfie shot. Click add media and choose left align and none as link to option. Click insert into page button, (which is at bottom right of edit page).
  10. Click update and that should be job done, almost.

Just One More Job

  1. From main menu select Appearance > Menus
  2. On menus page choose FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHER from list of existing menus to edit and click Select
  3. When menu is loaded look in dialogue box on left for newly created page, tick the box and underneath click add to menu
  4. A new grey button will appear at the bottom of the list. Drag this to the top of the list of names (directly under the RECENTLY FEATURED MEMBERS button.