Jayne Williams

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Jayne Williams

I fondly remember, as a young child, looking through my parents photograph albums of the pictures my father took of family outings and later watching my mother photographing the antics of my brother and me, as children.  The first camera I owned was when I had my own children and I used it to record my family life.

When my children left home I was at a loss as to what to do with all of my “spare” time.  At the time I was working in a mentally exhausting environment and had to do something to be able to switch off and relax so I decided to buy myself a digital camera and went in search of something to photograph.  My photographic adventure took me on an amazing journey studying wildlife, this for me was an environment I could relax in. To this day wildlife is my preferred type of photography.

In the early days I witness some amazing sights but I couldn’t get a reasonable photograph that was in focus nor sharp so I decided to join a camera club in the hope someone could give me some pointers on how to take photographs.

In the beginning I sat quietly at the back of the room listening to very knowledgeable people talking about all aspects of photography, looking at fabulous photos members had entered into competitions and listening to the judges’ critique.  One day I was brave enough to enter a photograph of a stoat which at the time I thought was a brilliant photograph.  The judge’s comments were very kind but the last few words that were said still ring in my ears which were “this stoat looks as if it is a stuffed animal”.  Luckily for me I had the sense to ask another member of the club, who was an exceptional wildlife photographer, what the judge had meant.  This member took me under his wing and started to teach me what to look for when photographing wildlife and how to take a reasonable photograph and my photography blossomed.

I soon realised that wildlife was not the be all and end all of photography so I plucked up enough courage to participate in the club’s special interest group nights and outings in the hope I would learn more about other aspects of photography.

My set of photographs have been taken either on a special interest group evening or on a club outing and are dedicated to those members of the club who have patiently educated me on the different types of photography and I thank every one of you for all your help, you know who you are.