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Alan Swift

It is hard to believe that it was eight years ago that I became a photoholic when I bought my first digital camera for £220 and everyone said that I was quite mad to spend so much on photography. The pictures that I snapped back then were quite unique and were typified by, what I now know to be called, “soft focus”.

Eight years on and many attempts at failed rehab, the value of my equipment must be forty fold that initial investment and despite many attempts by my family members to have me sectioned I have maintained that if you have the best equipment you can’t blame it for taking truly awful pictures.

During many counselling sessions at Conwy Camera Club I have blatantly come under the influence of other addicts. Lee Owens has shown me the ecstasy of motor sport photography (Picture Bike 1 and Bike 2) and Andy Wilson (along with KT Allen and Joan Blease) has led me into putting my toes into the abyss of Composites (“Me and My Boss”, “Meetings” and “Straightening the Picture”).

Another technique I have used to curry favour with visiting judges is focus stacking. Oh how I snickered when the judged waxed lyrical about “The Fly” being a quick grab shot probably at f16 or above, when in reality a) the fly was dead and placed on the leaf and b) it was a composite focus stacked shot of 18 pictures at f2.8.

In moments of quiet I still enjoy trying to capture wild life. I was very chuffed at getting a Chough (“Chough”) at South stack after trudging around for the best part of three hours only to find this one in the field next to the car park. Recent trips broad have also given me the opportunity to snap some more exotic birds and animals (“Aligator”, “Osprey”, “Blue bird”).

Finally when I am let out after night fall then where better to get some spectacular buildings and lights than Disney (“Magic Kingdom”, “Osborne Lights”)

The depravity of my addiction has affected my children and my son’s is certified with his first Canon 5d and is published in National geographical and currently on a tour of South America snapping away. My wife has also tried some soft snaps with her new Fuji Luminix – but I fear it is only a matter of time……..