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Eugene Stevenson

My photographic adventure began when I was 14 yrs old, when I saved up for a Zorki-4, a Russian rip-off of a Leica rangefinder, only better (better = affordable).
My complete rig was: Zorki-4, Jupiter-8 f2/22 50mm prime, a Prinz hot shoe flash and a second hand photo-cell light meter.
Unfortunately by the time I’d finished being 15yrs old I’d discovered sex, drugs, rock and roll and Bruce Lee so my trips to the breakwater to photograph the waves crashing overhead (1/1,000sec shutter speed don’t you know) gave way to other activities.
Thirty five years later and I’m in Jessop’s buying a 6Mpx Pentax to take on holiday to celebrate my 50th birthday (yes its true, I’m over 50).
After a couple of years trying to re-learn all the stuff I thought I’d never forget I joined CCC (on the advice of our very own Lee Owens), as one area I was really struggling with was flash. When I was 14 you set the shutter to the sync speed 1/30th sec (not a typo), told the flash your ASA (ISO), turned the dial to the subject distance and read off the “correct” aperture setting. Simples. Where the hell did all these choices come from?
I thought I had a head start having used Photoshop since V-4 (to enhance the CAD images I was producing in my day job). That’s where the “pimped” images, a couple shown bellow, came from.Unfortunately I soon learned the term “in camera” and suddenly a whole lot of new challenges sprung forth (think Toad “manias” in The Wind in The Willows).
I latched onto the idea of “a moment in time” and I’ve been stuck there since…
“Yes, but what does it look like…right…now.” A lot/most of the images you’ll see below reflect this relish.