Geoff Harris

Selfie of Geoff Harris
Geoff Harris

I feel quite honoured  to be chosen as the photographer of the month for the Club website.

I became interested in photography during the mid sixties whilst working in the late Walter Harris` house who was a reporter for the NW Weekly News paper, he was in his darkroom developing an image of the Conwy Fishing Boats, he asked me in to show how he did it, I was hooked from then on. I spent many an evening with him processing my film and images learning the skills of printing to the final image. My parents bathroom became my darkroom with rolls of film and photographs hanging on a line over the bath.

My equipment then was an old Halina 35mm Camera which I filled with either FP4 or HP5 film and I used a Gnome enlarger for the prints. I later purchased a Minolta SRT101 which is still in use today. I went digital about 7 years ago with my first Canon 10D camera and replaced this with the 5D mk11 two years ago, my Canon lenses consist of a 17-40, 24-105 and a 70-200 f/2.8 11 IS, I carry a variety of ND filters, soft grad filters and a poloriser with me when I am out and about together with a cable release and always use a tripod.

My passion is Landscapes and I am always looking for somewhere different to photograph, I also enjoy capturing low light, Sunrise and Sunsets and can be seen on the Cob most evenings during August and September during the low tide waiting for the colour. Some of my images have been published in the Digital SLR Magazine.

I joined the camera club about seven years ago to meet different people of the same mind and to see what I could learn from the masters and to improve my skills. I enjoy the SiG groups on Thursday evenings and at the moment seem to be hooked on the Action group and have been putting my 70-200 lens through its paces at the “Mach Loop” capturing low flying aircraft as they pass through on their training exercises also at  the “Angelsey Race Curcuit” for the cars and bikes.

I hope you like the images I have chosen for to view, they are a cross section of my work.