Jayne Williams

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Jayne Williams

When did you take up photography?
My father always had a camera in his hand and as a child I can remember him taking countless photographs of my brother and me getting up to mischief, however, it was only in later life I took up photography after listening to an inspirational talk from a wildlife photographer who challenged his fellow lovers of natural history that they could capture that special moment in time for all to enjoy with a little bit of practise and a great deal of patience.

What are your favourite subjects?
I suppose my favourite subject is Natural History, especially wildlife, but upon reflection I enjoy photographing anything that moves. In later years, I have become interested in creative photography and capturing images that provoke my imagination.

What type of camera do you mostly use?
Nowadays I mainly use my Canon 5D which is a good all-round camera, especially in low light, however you will always find me with a Lumix GX8, slung over my shoulder and my trusty Sony phone in my pocket.

When did you become a Conwy Camera Club member?
10/11 season…I think.

What do you most enjoy about being in Conwy Camera Club?
I enjoy meeting likeminded people, sharing experiences and ideas. I find that the Special Interest Groups have encouraged me to learn how to take reasonable landscape photographs and portraits, as well as teaching me how to use my camera, together with how to present my images for competitions. I also find the lectures interesting and have learnt that there is no right or wrong way to take a photo and as long as I enjoy the photograph I have taken that is all that matters. The world is my oyster.

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