Pat Preston

My interest in photography began when just a child as my father was very keen. I continued to be interested as I grew up but don’t remember when I had my first camera. In the film days I was friendly with a family who had their own business and the son in law of the family was very keen on developing his own photos, and in one of the rooms without a window in their building he set up a darkroom and allowed me to use it too.

I bought my first digital SLR camera when on holiday in New Zealand. I bought a Canon then and have stayed with that make ever since upgrading as a new model was introduced (not the top of the range). I was fortunate in that my cousin in Wetherby, who also belonged to a camera club, was very happy to buy the model I was parting with, so that worked out very well for me for several years. Sadly he passed away earlier this year so I may be hanging on to the model I have for a while!

I joined Conwy Camera Club early in 2000 having just moved from Nottingham and have thoroughly enjoyed the evenings and the outings I have joined in.

I enjoy the competitions but sometimes it’s a bit painful listening to someone criticising what you thought was your favourite picture. We all appreciate it’s all a matter of opinion and at the end of the day, if you as the author like it, that is the most important thing. You can however learn from the comments.

Much of my photography is what some might call “record shots” but I like to photograph what I see, in the way of buildings, events, landscapes, seascapes etc. mostly when on holiday, and often through a coach window so conditions are not always ideal. I’m not one of these photographers who can sit for hours waiting for a bird or a sunset. If I see one of either when I’m out I’m very happy but I’m not dedicated enough to do what some do. I also enhance my photos very little – I like the finished image to look as near to how I saw it, as possible.

I take a lot of photographs of social events at the Church I attend, as I edit the Church magazine and like to put plenty of photographs in there, as people like to see themselves in the magazine. They also brighten up the magazine adding colour and breaking up the text.

My mobility limits my ability to get out and about as I used to, but I still very much enjoy taking photographs.