Tanya Liepins

Tanya Liepins

When did you take up photography?

I took up photography in May 2017, while I was off work due to an accident. I was unable to get out taking actual photographs at this time, however, I wanted to actually be able to understand and learn what makes a camera work? And what makes a photograph? And how could I make the photographs I wanted, rather than having my camera on Auto? I wanted to be in control.
I completed a beginners course on the internet and read many books so as to be able to understand the relationship between light, shutter speeds, apertures, ISO focal lengths, & depth of field to name a few, and how they all had an effect on each other and affected what sort of image came out of the camera. I was hooked, and eager to put what id learnt in theory into practice. So I bought a cheapish camera of eBay and off I clicked.

What are your favourite subjects?
What are my favourite subjects? This is a tough one. I do have a passion for monochrome images & landscapes, seascapes any sort of scapes as such. However I also enjoy candid portrait, capturing the moment as it happens being able to see the true emotions and feelings behind an image rather than posed staged photographs, I also enjoy being out and about so nature also comes into play and I enjoy the challenge of capturing the animal or bird in flight ( I definitely need more practise on that one) I want to develop and learn more In the art of documentary & street photography and this most definitely links to my enjoyment of candid shots and this genre of photography has definitely grown on me from seeing the work of other photographers and being able to open my eyes and see that beauty and interest isn’t always in the “stunning landscape” this has led me to creating my own project of work called “Bends in the Road” I do believe it’s important to have an open mind and appreciation of all genres even if it may not be to our own tastes as this is how we can grow, learn and develop our photography.

What type of camera do you mostly use?
I currently have a Nikon D7200 APS-C (which I love, as I hear the boo’s from the Canon users) again, to me it’s what suits you and your needs and as someone once said “It’s not about the camera, it’s about the person behind the camera”
“Look and think before opening the shutter, the heart and mind are the true lens of the camera” Yousuf Karsh)

When did you become a Conwy Camera Club member?
Following encouragement from a current member who saw my images, I became a member of Conwy Camera Club in September 2017 at the beginning of the 2017/18 season.

What do you most enjoy about being in Conwy Camera Club?
There are many things I enjoy about being a member of the club, the friendliness and welcoming nature of the club foremost, but also the way you are able to learn from more experienced photographers and they are happy to share hints and tips and their wealth of knowledge. The competitions are also a brilliant way to learn and develop by listening to the advice and CC offered by the judges on not only your own images submitted, but also other images shown. The Speakers that have visited this season have been outstanding and interesting and approachable. Then lastly the special interest groups (SIGS) are a comfortable, no pressure, learning environment of varying skill levels where you can develop skills and use equipment that you may not have access to yourself.

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Snow Capped Snowdonia
Japanese Anemone
St Patricks Bell