Tony Davies

When did you take up photography?

I have been taking photographs since my late teens when I was an avid cyclist. Then I used 35mm slide film in a Pentax camera fitted with a 50mm lens. Although I kept on taking photographs throughout the proceeding years it was only when I was working away in Afghanistan, Iraq and Mozambique that I grew interested in photography as a hobby again, and discovered how far digital had come in the intervening years.

What are your favourite subjects?
This is an easy question to answer, as I most enjoy taking ‘Nature’ subjects, birds in particular. Apart from cropping and the normal range of developing techniques I do not do much to the images at all.

What type of camera do you mostly use?
Given my favourite subject above, then a DSLR with a long lens is the norm. I also have a 105mm macro for the small wonders of our world. Birds in Flight are a particular challenge, but the skills one learns here also help when visiting the Velodrome in Manchester for the track cycling, which takes me back in time.

When did you become a Conwy Camera Club member?
I joined Conwy Camera Club in October 2015. In March of that year my contract was ended in Mozambique due to the price of oil and gas hitting the floor. I had known for a while that I would join the club once I had finished work.

What do you most enjoy about being in Conwy Camera Club?
I enjoy the meeting with other people who share an interest in photography and the outdoors in general. I have been on the majority of the recent days out and think they are great in showing you new areas to visit, as well are reminding one of places you had not visited in a while.

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Llandudno Pier in the Evening
Greater Spotted Woodpecker Chick
Greater Spotted Woodpecker Chick
Mother and Calf
Mother and Calf