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What does creative photography mean. For some it means taking a photograph and editing it extensively to make something less mundane, something overall a lot more dynamic. This is the world of altered reality. For others it means doing something creative and taking a picture of it, this is the world of the moment-in-time brigade.

From this page you can view a variety of themed galleries showing all manner of takes on the creative genre.

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Cut Glass by Eugene Stevenson

Death of the light bulb!
Things to do with 240V and a broken light bulb. Don’t try this at home unless you know what you are doing.
This technique can be dangerous. You have been warned.

Things to do with water, or paint, or dye…!
Using trick tables or a jug of paint, just make sure you tidy up before the wife sees it!

Painting With Light (and/or Fire). As inspired by Andy Wilson
Making good use of bicycle wheels, light sabres and LEDs hanging from fishing line to name but a few techniques.

Smoke trails, painting with smoke (?)

“Pimp My Photo” Just about anything goes here.

Anything Else You Can Think Of…