Archive: A Room In My Home

Conwy Camera Club record photography project: A room in my home

This summer (2018), club members are encouraged to take record photographs of rooms in their homes. We’ll choose some of them to place in the club archive for posterity! 

Why photograph a room?
At Conwy Camera Club meetings, we’ve seen examples of documentary photography showing rooms occupied by drug addicts and other marginalised people. We’ve also seen photographs of manicured rooms in upmarket properties. But how many photographers are recording the types of rooms ordinary people live in?
We have very few photos of everyday rooms in the club archive, and none where the room itself is the subject of the photo.
More importantly, your record photos of rooms will be interesting for you and yours to look back on in years to come.

How to photograph rooms for the project
Photos should show rooms in their normal state. There’s no need to declutter – you’re not taking the photos as estate agents! If there are games or toys where the children/grandchildren have been playing, or if the TV remote is on the sofa, leave them just where they are!
It’s fine to include people or pets, as long as they don’t dominate the picture. Any people depicted should be doing routine things (e.g. watching TV, cooking, reading) and not looking into the camera.
Please keep processing to a minimum, e.g. if you need to combine two images to avoid a bleached-out window area or dark shadows in corners. To avoid problems with bright window light, consider taking your photo in the evening or with the curtains closed, or with your back to the window.

  • Don’t worry about distortion if you use a wide-angle lens.
  • Consider using your mobile phone, if that would allow you to get more in the picture. There are clip-on wide-angle attachments for mobiles available – much cheaper than buying a wide-angle lens for your camera.
  • Use a tripod if the light inside the room is quite low.

Which room to photograph?
Any room in your home is eligible. It would be good to see photos of bathrooms, bedrooms, halls, utility rooms etc, as well as sitting rooms and kitchens. Even the garage, attic or man shed would be suitable for this project.
Consider the kinds of things which change inside houses, e.g. electrical appliances, lighting types (fluorescent tubes anyone?), kitchen and bathroom styles, bedding, wallpaper, flooring, DVDs/videos on shelves. If you include some of these, your photos will be more interesting to look back on in the future! Details like branded appliances or food packaging might be good to include, as brands come and go too.

NB The upload form for submitting your image can be found on the Members>Comp Images One-Off Events