Competition Calendar & Themes for season 2021/2022

Note: All Competitions are in the PDI format at the time of this publication.

19th OctoberMy lockdown picturesOpportunity to enter ANY work photographed between the 23rd March 20 to the 17th of May 21JUDGE - Gareth Jenkins - ARPS, DPAGB, AWPF 8th October
26th OctoberFlower/s The flower(s) must be the main subject and not incidental to something elseYour image could be a single bloom in isolation which can be admired for its uniqueness, shape, colour etc or you may wish to portray a group of flowers to celebrate their form, relationship to their surroundings, structure, colour, etc. - The judge will be looking for good composition, technique and, where appropriate, artistic interpretation, to bring out the essence of your subject.JUDGE - LINDA BELL AWPF, GPU2, DPAGB, EFIAP, BPE5*, LPRS 15th October
30th NovemberSeascapes/LandscapesYour own interpretation of the subject including long exposures, intentional camera movement, etc JUDGE - David Gibbins ARPS APAGB EFIAP/b BPE5 CPAGB/AV 19th November
25th JanuaryBook Titles Images to be based on the title NOT the storyJudge - Rev Dr Richard Hainsworth
14th January
1st FebruaryIn the WoodsNo expansion or other explanation neededJUDGE John Smith APAGB CPAGB Hon LCPU 21st January
1st March TransportationTransportation is the movement of people or goods  from one place to another (may include commercial, leisure or sport purposes).JUDGE - Caroline Preece LRPS 18th February
8th MarchFashion Photography (most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines)The term "fashion photography" describes a type of fine art photography devoted to the promotion of fashion items such as haute couture clothing, as well as mass-market clothes, shoes, perfume and other branded products designed by fashion houses around the world.JUDGE - Roger Parry MPAGB, ARPS, EFIAP, HonPAGB 25th February
22nd MarchTriptychA set of three associated images intended to be viewed togetherJUDGE - Steven Galvin LRPS 11th March
12th AprilLIONEL BLOODWORTH CHALLENGEThe stand alone award for the Lionel Bloodworth CupIn House Judging 1st April
19th AprilMono OpenJUDGE - CAROL McNIVEN YOUNG tbc 8th April

Once again, this Year’s themes are meant to challenge you as a photographer by means of Storytelling (taking a prompt and turning it into a photo story), Compositional Eye (using rules of composition) and Inspiration (using a simple inspiration as creatively as you can).
Hope you take on this challenge as it is meant and have fun with it.

Conwy Camera Club – Lionel Bloodworth Creative Challenge Trophy
Creative photography is an extension of conventional everyday photography into creative art. Its purpose is to stimulate creative thoughts and to encourage experimentation with new ideas going beyond a simple ‘everyday’ photograph.
The final result must be based on the photographer’s intentional work by photographing a subject in a way that most people would not normally see; demonstrating a level of intentional artistic impression.
Ideally this would include the use of creative techniques with the camera equipment, rather than with just computer and software manipulation. These various techniques may include one or more of the following considerations to produce a ‘creative photograph’.
Viewing the subject from an unusual or interesting angle, a change in normal perspective, the use of extremely slow or fast shutter speeds, creating a conceptual or abstract image, intentional camera movement, etc.
Otherwise a creative photograph may be produced by the careful arrangement of the subject material by the photographer. This could be as simple as linking two or more subjects not usually seen or associated together or the use of various ‘trick’ photography techniques.
The description of a photograph as creative becomes more justified as the level of input from the photographer increases.