Reset Your Password

To finalize setting up your user account or to just change your password please follow the steps as illustrated below.

At the end of the process you will have one username (set by the club) and one password (set by you).
Remember, you site login (username & password) enables you to use the new interactive User Forums and gives automatic access to the Members Pages.

reset1Step One: On any page of the site click the Login link as shown.
reset2Step Two: Enter your username (this in almost all cases is your club membership number). Leave the password box blank.
Then click the Lost your password? link underneath the login box.
reset3Step Three: When this dialogue appears re-enter your username. Then press the Get New Password button.
reset4Step Four: When you see this message check your e-mail for link to password re-set page.
reset5This is what the e-mail will look like. Just follow the link at the bottom of the message.
reset6You will be taken here.
First delete the jumble of letters and then replace with your own choice of password. Press the Reset Password button.
reset7If you see this message you've done it.
Click the Login link to return to the login dialogue.